Stop getting lied by our competition.

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BEST-TIPS.CO is not a scam.

If you are in this page you have been asking yourself this question, and you might have heard or read things from people of websites claiming that we are. This is why we felt the need to write this blog to try to explain everything that might make you think badly of us.
First of all, the most obvious thing to help you reason are the multiple proof we upload and the multiple clients that have agreed to video record themselves in our name.

Bruno Gamarra (Spanish)

1. Click on the name or the youtube logo to watch the video.

Anthony Bachman

2. Click on the name or the youtube logo to watch the video.

Fred Creky

3. Click on the name or the youtube logo to watch the video.

Naveen Tikaram

4. Click on the name or the youtube logo to watch the video.

Darryl Grant

5. Click on the name or the youtube logo to watch the video.

Michael Santana

6. Click on the name or the youtube logo to watch the video.

2. Competition

Second of all, starting from the posts you’ll see or might have seen it is clearly visible that all of that bad talk about us comes from direct competition, from direct people who are trying to throw dirt in our names and who are also using our name to sell fake games. So I am using this to mention again that if someone contacts you first and it is not from the below contacts that person is 100% fake. We are asking for your help understanding that we do not text people who don’t text us first and be assured that we don’t have a Nigerian agent to contact you or a Kenyan agent or something like that. These people are putting bad name to our company and if you have any proof or info about these people you’re most welcome to contact us.


This page owner has a scamming website and is trying to ruin our reputation, in order to get audience for his scamming activities.

There is no actual valid proof to back up their false claims.

The list is full of big websites, that get a lot of visitors, and the owner of this fake page, wants to attract their visitors.

3. We provide real proof.

Third of all, we have had a lot of people contact us saying that proof can be faked and they’re right, everything in life can be faked and yes we know that there are people who fake these things, but if we really had fake tickets you’d have heard a lot more bad words for us than just one or two silly hater pages. So yes, proof can be faked, BUT our tickets are 100% flawless, and you know why they’re 100% flawless all the time? Because we are the only people that don’t fake tickets. After all, why should we fake them when we have the winning ones.

  • We have bet365 proof.
  • We have Whatsapp conversations with clients proof.
  • We have Telegram conversations with clients proof.
  • We have E-mail conversations with clients proof.
  • We have Tipico proof.
  • We have NewAleaBet proof.
  • We have Superbast proof.

4. Free tips?

And Lastly, if you have gone through all the above logical explanations and still don’t trust us or still claim that you need a trial to prove or you need free because you have been scammed by other people, we can only tell you one thing: this business needs investments to keep going. We need LOYAL and SURE clients who want to invest. We don’t want people who just want to win without risking even a few dollars to prove that we are indeed the best. We need people who understand our value and who understand the real value of our odds and who want our help to change their lives. If you don’t feel like you’re not one of those people we completely understand and don’t mind if you don’t contact us at all. But, for people who like risking and then winning we only say to you “WELCOME” and you’ll never regret being a part of us.


Here is the list of the packages that we offer. You can try them and we assure you, you will not regret your decision.

Premium Fixed Ticket

  • Odd over 200
  • 4 matches
  • Pick FT
  • 100% sure
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HT/FT Fixed Match

  • Odd around 40
  • 1 matche
  • Pick HT/FT
  • 100% sure
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  • Odd over 2-7
  • 7 matches total
  • Pick FT
  • 90% sure
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